How it all began...

The problem of lack of jobs
Moinhos do Boco
12 Jul

How it all began

How it all began… ” With the problem that we are living in lack of jobs in our country, I have no prospects for the near future in my activity area of forensic science. As I did not want to emigrate, I decided to dedicate myself to this project, because I see a sustainable future for me, other people around me and for the region in general. To me, agriculture and tourism are big and good paris for the country and my region of Minho.” Luisa Antunes.

With this project, the company of Moinhos do Boco – Energia e Turismo Lda, aims to develop tourism in Braga, Vila Verde and Minho generally, communicate the beautiful scenery we have and fantastic gastronomy and customs.

Portugal is a country of excellence in tourism and Moinhos do Boco and Casa da Mimi will not be an exception, each in his style, I think these two projects have all to please to the tourists.


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