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Casa da Mimi has been our choice for the long weekend of São João in the city of the archbishops and it was the right choice. The views from the house are on the main avenue, Liberty Avenue, which was full of lights and life. Because it is located in the heart of the city, it was easy to get around on foot, fundamental to know the whole city without having to move our car. The use we have made of the car was exclusively to visit the most distant tourist spots, we did a walking tour form Casa da Mimi to Bom Jesus and Sameiro, that we loved. In the evening and once the center has a lot of life, it was not necessary to use the car because the house is near of the coolest bars, which allowed us to be more relaxed and relieved not to have to drive. Private parking is also a plus to be able to leave the car in security. About the house, I found it fantastic, very modern and comfortable at the same time. Well cared and well structured. Highly practical too, with all the necessary appliances for a few days break. We loved and hope to return soon find Moinhos do Boco!


12 Jul

How it all began

How it all began… ” With the problem that we are living in lack of jobs in our country, I have no prospects for the near future in my activity area of forensic science. As I did not want to...
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